The Perfect Christmas – A Father’s Perspective

Ben —  January 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

2 and a half years passed, of being put “in the hat” for the next sales job within my former company just waiting for my family to finally get a “break,”only to be let down by a series of ignored phone calls and emails. It wasn’t until this past December, (12/19/08) to be exact, that I would receive a phone call that would mark the beginning of an awesome 2 and a half weeks of time off of work. Interestingly enough, it would end up being the beginning of my two week notice from that company. Back in the beginning of September, I told you how I was NOT offered what I thought to be the perfect job for the perfect company. Being 50% right just didn’t seem to cut it, and I went on about how I was disappointed/etc. Well, the weekend just before Thanksgiving, I was called to see if I was interested in a sales position, with the SAME company, to which I scheduled an interview the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and received an offer 3 and a half weeks later. My parents arrived the Wednesday evening before that friday, and the whole drive from the airport to the house I couldn’t stop talking about H.I.S. , so my father and I prayed that night, and the next day, and the next morning. When I got the call, we were all ecstatic and just praised God for this wonderful news. We then went to celebrate by eating at Chipotle. Oh, Dr. J just happened to be eating there with his grandkids as well. Next up, Jackson decided to FINALLY show his face, although the photo I took of him clearly shows how displeased he was from leaving the comforts of the womb. There was a little scare with Kim’s blood pressure being a little low, but that was quickly remedied by the doctors. He arrived at 2:11pm, bright eyed, big as can be and with hair. Lots of it! I have to say this Christmas break was definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. It just amazes me how much God blesses people (not just certain people, but everybody) and how he also answers prayers on God’s time, not ours. Of course, His timing is perfect: • Move to Atlanta • Attend NPCC for the first time • Trip to the DR • Transfer from the Omni Hotel to the Grand Hyatt • 2nd trip to the DR • Parents Coming in Town • Job Offer • New Baby

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