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Ben —  May 16, 2011 — 19 Comments

Yesterday, Kim and I got the privilege of combining two things we absolutely love.

Serving, and our oldest Daughter

Kiersten and I in San Diego. 2003

Wow, she’s growing fast.

Our little baby, Kiersten is going to 6th grade. She has less than 2 weeks left of elementary school, and then she’s off to Middle school. One of the things North Point does for the rising 5th graders at the end of their school year, is invade their small groups and bring them into “The Attic” for a test drive of Transit, while inviting the parents to observe and see what their children will get to go every Sunday for the next three years…

…this happened yesterday.

19 responses to Test Drive

  1. Absolutely awesome. I love Transit worship.


  2. Awesome. Verrry cool.

  3. Absolutely adorable! and ohhhh sooo blessed!!!

  4. Totally made me cry. She’s lucky to have you as a father and even luckier to be in an environment where she can learn about her Heavenly Father. I love you and all you do for our family.

  5. That is so awesome! I’m looking forward to when my kids are older and more engaged with big church activities, but for now it’s fun to serve with them in “Sunday school”.

  6. So excited you didn’t know what it was called? LOL

    Loved Jackson! That dude is super cool!

    Oh, and I’m happy that she is old enough to take part of this ministry. Looks super cool and exciting. Your baby is growing up dude.

    • I know *sigh*

      This was the first year it was call Transit Test Drive, last year when I was leading the 5th graders, the middle school environment was called “Xtreme,” and the same thing was called “Upstreet Invasion.”
      So yeah I got confused for a second…

  7. Awesome, Ben! Congrats on your daughter getting a little bit older. I hear it’s a double edged sword. Your little baby girl is growing up!

    It’s nice to see the middle schoolers welcoming the elementary schoolers. What a great way to encourage and welcome them into this part of Christ’s Body!

    • Yeah, no kidding. When I first experienced it last year, I was so jealous I didn’t have something like this.

      So unique, so awesome.

  8. Awesomeness. Thanks for sharing!

    What’s the name of the ministry again? 🙂

    • LOL.
      The Middle school environment = Transit
      Elementary age = Upstreet

      Last year’s “event” where the 5th graders got to experience the middle school environment = Upstreet Invasion

      This year, they called it Transit Test drive.

      I know, confusing…

  9. This so sweet, Ben! Tugs at my heart to see love like that!

  10. I too wish this was available when you all were growing up! Their ideas are so awesome – a whole new generation will be expanding on this – that is beyond my comprehension

  11. This is what church should be like. Joy, praise, worship, laughter, Family, celebration, and Love.

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