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Last week, and the week prior you may have notice the amount of activity over here on Ben Sayin’ (or the lack there-of). Ironic, no?

As I stated in my monthly review, it’s not that I haven’t had a lot to say, I just really felt that I couldn’t hit the “publish” button.

The result?

I have 31 drafts in Evernote just hanging out, having a woe is me party ’cause I won’t let them out and play. On some of the drafts, I honestly felt like I physically couldn’t move the mouse and press “publish,” so I would save it and go do something else. I actually feel like they weren’t mature enough, and that maybe they need a little more attention. Some day. I really felt muffled to say the least, a lot of thoughts that would start off great, but would just fizzle out right before my eyes. It kind of felt, out of control.

So Sunday. This past Sunday to be exact is when I woke up, got ready to go to church and asked God for strength against the enemy keeping me silent, in any capacity.

The result?

My attitude changed about what I felt I should write, and I was able to visit some of the unfinished (immature) drafts in Evernote to publish at a later day, and it felt good.

Along with the attitude change, something even better happened. Something unexpected. This quick change sparked a little energy in how I interacted with our 6th grade dudes. Long story short, we had one of the best discussion times we’ve had all year on a Sunday, and it was very encouraging. These guys were asking some deep, thought-provoking questions as any seeking boys should. It was awesome and I am super pumped our group is heading down the right direction. Kingdom-bound.

This isn’t the first time I went into this recluse/silent mode, but it’s the first time I’ve consistently not published for a couple of weeks straight, and it kind of stunk.

Changing my attitude, and changing my mind cleared the road to speak some awesome truth into the lives of our dudes. There’s a bible verse in there somewhere, probably.

Have you ever changed your attitude about one thing, to find it beneficial for something else?

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  1. Ok, that picture is too cute! Missed your posts this week. God is always showing ways that one thing falling thru turns out to be a blessing in another area. I think we need to be able to discern stuff like this and when we are well-grounded in the Lord, it becomes easier to do.

  2. I have definitely done this. This week actually. My church was going out to help clean up some tree damage from the tornadoes that swept through our area. I had previously signed up and the day of I felt like crap. I was tired from work and I just wanted rest.

    Anyway, on the way over to the church I said I was just going to give it all I had, and show the compassion and love of Christ to those whose lives have been turned upside down.

    The change of attitude made all the difference, and it ended up being an awesome time seeing The Body working together to help those in need.

  3. Yes and often it involves me selfishly looking at things a certain way. For example, I want to do something. It doesn’t seem to work out for whatever reason, and then God opens my eyes to something else… in a subtle way by saying, “Dustin, this is what I wanted you to see and experience.”

    • Totally know what you’re talking about here. I especially get pumped when seeing His work unfold in real-time, but I like seeing it in hindsight too.

  4. I am in a similar funk right now in regards to my job, not my blog. I am trying to find something that will help me get out of the funk I am in but nothing seems to be helping. Later this month I plan to go camping with the family and then hit the Bahamas so my wife and I can celebrate 10 years of marriage. I am hoping that if I am still in the funk by then that one of these trips will help knock it out.

    • Oh dude how could those NOT? I’m super jealous you get to do all of that, definitely take that time to recharge 🙂

  5. Glad to see you back online my brutha.

    If you haven’t read Steven Pressfield’s “Do the Work” go read it now. Sounds like you were losing the battle against Resistance.

    Another suggestion, start a free wordpress.com blog where you can just shoot out random “immature” stuff that might not fit the bill here on BenSayin.com. I’ve got one and it helps me keep Some Wise Guy more focused while providing an outlet for other stuff on my mind or just fun stuff (like Ninja Fights).

    God bless you, Ben. Thanks for standing in the gap and ministering to youth.

    • Awesome suggestion on the book KC, thanks man. As for the random “immature-ness,” I don’t worry to much about trying to fit any sort of bill here, but thanks for the input. This was kind of more a testing ground for something later on that might be more focused.


  6. Isn’t that some sort of “decision” juke? You know, you think you put your thoughts on something and then God jukes you and puts those ideas on something else? Nice!

    Too bad we are not like walking distance from each other, since in that case I would just walk over your crib, open your fridge, take out some quarter juice (red one) and hang out with you. But since I can’t, my only interaction with you is via these tubes. So when you are absent here, I don’t get my Bensayin fix. So that sucks. BUT, I understand you man. Do what you gotta and get your priorities straight.

    As for your questions? Yes, I once thought I went to 3 years Bible college for ministry and learned that it has served me well outside of ministry. Blah!

    • You just invented the #Godjuke. That just happened. Wow.

      As for getting some “red” or “purple” drank and hanging out, dude, we’ll have eternity to do that. It’s going to be awesome.

  7. Dude… the best way to get started is to get started! Way to go 🙂

    I’ve had the opposite happen to me: I changed my attitude about Taco Bell and it’s done serious damage to my digestive health.

    • That can’t be good. What’s weird, I’ve been wanting Taco Bell for like 3 weeks now. Just 1 chicken chalupa. That’s it.

      • do it man. get it over with. enjoy it, hate yourself afterwards, and move on with life 🙂

        then repeat a week later. lol. once you start…

  8. I’ve totally been silent in my blog for a while. Just coming out of it actually. Just started commenting on blog posts again today. But you know what, a bit of silence is good sometimes, kind of like listening for a while instead of dominating a dinnertime discussion.

    • I’ve missed you a lot, man! I have been silent on others’ blogs due to a lot of other pressures, but I’ve tried to keep my own up. I’ll be visiting with my next click!

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