You Have Something On Your Face

Ben —  June 17, 2011 — 30 Comments

Madi circa 2005Virtual High-5 if you can guess what she was eating here

If you’ve been around the blogosphere long enough, you’ve probably come across many different people talk about their workflow for blogging, which a lot of times includes using Evernote. I am one of those bloggers, but I have yet to find a great system or workflow that works for me. Because I have not deliberately tried to come up with a strategy to efficiently utilize the tools I have, I tend to not write as much as I would like or as much as I am capable.

My workflow is imperfect, and I am still learning. For example, not too long ago I wrote this in Evernote:


As I went back and took a look at this note, I remember the time and where I was, but I have no idea what happened just after.

My system is a failing system, it is broken.

Yeah, I’ll work on it, I know I need to. After all, John says we need to fail more often, right?

No system is going to be perfect, and failing or having something break every now and again is OK if it means we learn from it.

I did have a pretty good laugh trying to think of all the different things I could have been thinking at the time, but I couldn’t remember the idea for the life of me. I’m sure it was epic, had some scriptural and theological importance, and probably had a ninja or two, but I thought maybe I’ll leave it up to you to finish my train of thought.

What was I thinking when I started this note?

30 responses to You Have Something On Your Face

  1. I saw your post title and couldn’t believe it because the post I’ve been working on for today is ‘what’s that on your face?’. Funny, because it’s so close to your title but also because I haven’t had a chance to finish it which totally resonates with what your post actually is about!

  2. You saw a dude with ketchup in his beard. Wait that may have been me.

    • Short story: On the way to church one Sunday, the girls were yapping away in the back of our minivan, when all of a sudden they stopped and looked over at the driver next to us.

      Dude had a huge beard, driving a lifted Ford Bronco, with puke particles trailing off his beard and the side of the car. Leave it to Madi to first yell “EWWWWWWWWWW” while Kim’s window was rolled down.

      It was awesome.

    • Michael,

      You’re “Ranch dressing-in-the-beard guy”, remember? I still have those hilarious impromptu photos of you at last year’s Christmas shindig trying to convince us all you were Santa, what with Ranch dressing smeard all on your face! Oh yes…good times, good times…

  3. I’m with Michael…you probably saw someone with something on his face, and rather than being a good friend and actually telling him, you decided to make it into a blog post. Muahahahaha

    I don’t have much of a workflow for blogging either. πŸ™ Actually, I need more of a workflow for pretty much everything in my life! Working on it!

    • In talking with Kim this morning, I actually remembered now what it was that I was thinking, and you’re right it WAS because I saw something on somebody’s face, in our small group, but I actually told him.

      Expect a post tomorrow or Monday πŸ™‚

  4. I think you were looking in the mirror at the time, saw some crusticles handing from your fu manchu (at the time) and said to youself, “hmm…. i’ll save that for a late-night snack.” mmm…. tasty!

  5. My business “to-do” list includes downloading and working with evernote. Michael Hyatt has completely convinced me that it’s worth it.

    Like you, my work-flow is pretty broken right now. I have a list of things to do, but no real method for getting them done and no importance placed upon anything. It’s going to destroy me if I don’t do something about it.

    I’m doing something about it.

  6. AnOrdinaryDad June 17, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    you are cleverly using reverse psychology to get your readers to write your blog posts for you. I would say this is not a broken system, but genius!

  7. It was a note to future Ben to look in the mirror because you knew you would have a booger in your nose when you read it again.

  8. I need to improve my workflow as well. I’ve got the tools, but need to implement a system.

    I’m going to say you were at church and you saw ketchup on the pastor’s cheek during the sermon.

  9. Kim left a dirty diaper near your pillow. You didn’t realize it until the next morning. Then you heard ‘you have something on your face’. You were going to write about the importance of listening, really listening to your wife. No one wants to hear ‘you have something on your face’. Ever. Well, maybe ice cream.

  10. It is the virtual orgasm you got when you found out Moe can sing via heytell!

  11. Betcha Madi was eating watermelon.
    Am I right? Am I right?

  12. Madi always has been able to speak her mind regardless of where she is – just like a couple of other folks in the family (just sayin)

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