Something Hurts

Ben —  March 7, 2013

I can sit here, apprehensively reading through some of the stories that only the bravest of individuals care to share through their online portal to vulnerability. A few captivate me more than others; notably the ones that share similar life experiences. I know there is nothing magical about this, and since the human population is selfish in nature then it makes sense to want to know more about… myself?

Whether it be our own blog or reading a similar story somewhere else, many times when we venture in and peer into the life of another’s tragedy, the turmoil that may be taking place within draws similarities of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. Most of us then see how we may relate with the author. Thus begins the action to respond in such a way to draw encouragement, advise, and praise. Hopefully followed by prayer.

What I feel, or what I am feeling is hurt. Empathy, if you will. When knowing you are not alone in the hurt something heals within, and I thank God so much for the individuals who chose to share their lives tastefully in a public. I admire their stewardship, and I hope I can someday provide the same inspiration for sharing so that somebody else could continue, or begin to heal.

With children 12, 9 and 4… that day unfortunately, is not today.

Until that day comes, I encourage those who feel lead to share in the victories of battling their inner-most demons to do so, so that we may continue to build the type of culture God intended for us.