Our first “real” conversation (and some other thoughts)

Ben —  January 31, 2010 — Leave a comment

Jack: “Dad!”
Me: “Yeah buddy?”
Jack: “Uh…”

For anybody who’s spent any time at all with our family, you would know that this is indeed a complete conversation. Every single one of us (sans Kim) has the A.D.O.P. disease (attention deficit, Oh, pretty!) and more often than not do we lose track of what we were talking about exactly. This is most prevalent in our youngest daughter Madi, but we’re working on that.

In other news, today our church ended the “Taking responsibility for your life” series, where at the end of the message Candi P Shelton sang Matthew West’s “The Motions.” What’s the point of me telling you about this? Last Sunday, Andy’s message sort of confirmed my thoughts when I just like feel like I don’t want to pray, and just do… it’s OK. His tweet a couple of days ago sums that message up perfectly:

“Masking irresponsibility with prayer makes one an irresponsible person who prays.”

Tonight you can watch part 4 of this series live, so check it out: northpointonline.tv @ 6pm est.

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