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Ben —  April 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

In just the next few days we will be scheduling the beginning of our home study. This is just after a little over a month of fundraising, we’ve been able to raise enough money to pay our first (of four) agency payments of $3,775!!! This first payment will allow us to start our home study process, and then by the end we will need to have raised our 2nd payment to complete the home study. Truly, God’s timing is wonderful and what he provides is exact, and perfect.

What we have found to be truly amazing is the community of family and friends who have come around us to support our adoption financially. If there was any doubt if we could do this in the beginning of our process, it has definitely been diminished by the people with whom surround us.

We have received financial gifts via square cash using our $nunesquestforsix “cashtag,” straight gangsta cash, paypal, google wallet, checks, and donations on our Pure Charity website. Along with those efforts, our oldest Kiersten lead the charge in selling some pretty cool bracelets through Apparent Project and Pura Vida’s fundraising campaigns. In fact, we’ve been selling so many of them we’re going to be ordering more very soon.

All this being said, we’re super excited to move on to the next steps of this process, and although we’ve read a ton of blogs and asked around, I still feel we don’t really know what is coming next but we’ll definitely try and document what we can.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure if we’ve really gone into some of the struggles we’ve faced so far, and that is probably because we have not really experienced much outside of our normal marital/family issues, but I’m sure they’re coming. With God, our community, family and friends I’m sure we’ll be able to tackle anything throw at us.

We’re so. very. grateful.

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