One Less

Ben —  February 4, 2015

Before the holidays last year, Kim and I decided we wanted to lead a short term mission trip to Costa Rica. Shortly after we decided to make 2015 the year we start our adoption process. Both of these events would require some pretty big financial requests from our friends and family. Up until now, we didn’t think about the effects it might have when asking for financial support for the mission trip and our adoption costs. So because we value our family and friendships, we have decided against leading the mission trip with Transit this summer. Our requests for helping fundraise the adoption would be our main focus. This decision didn’t come easily as we both love leading people to experience serving in a new country, we just wanted to be 100% sure we were doing our part in being the best stewards of our relationships.

I would not be telling the truth if I told you doubt had no part in this, but it is not the type of doubt you might be thinking. I am absolutely certain we would be able to raise the money, and it is not the main reason for us dropping out. We have both been blessed enough by our supporters on past trips, and I personally have seen amazing fundraising stories of random people being extremely generous. Our doubts come from the ability to maintain those friendships at a healthy level, and instead becoming the couple or family who is constantly fundraising, regardless of the reason or cause.

So as we step out on faith in this journey, and think of ways to fundraise for our little tico (costa rican for… costa rican), we pray we made the right choice and hope to continue to do so.

Our beautiful Kiersten will still be heading over to Haiti on our trip, as this will be such an amazing opportunity for her we don’t want her to miss out. If you want to head over to her site to show her some love, please do!