O Romeo, Romeo!

Ben —  July 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

During last night’s family night, we found an awesome pizza joint called Romeo’s New York Pizza. We ordered a Large pepperoni and a small pepperoni, olive and mushroom pizza. Riss had no problem with the small pizza, but when she got to the large, she couldn’t finish the last piece. From Madi’s eyes, you could see it looked larger than a mountain! They were delicious, and then finished with 3 large Cannolis for dessert. The cannolis were a little rich for my taste, and as you can see Kissy here thought it would be a good idea to do a taste test with her tongue.

Jack… on the other hand had no problem

After eating, we went home to play a little Rock Band. Riss thought it was a good idea to compete at the drums to see who could get a higher percentage at the end of a Rush song.  I won’t share who actually won this silly little competition, but I WILL say that there may or may not have been an unfair advantage. Something to do with playing Rock Band 3 nights straight with a certain sibling, who rhymes with schmalia…

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