My Birthday!

Kim —  May 3, 2009 — Leave a comment

My birthday was probably one of THE best I have ever had! It started with the sound of Ben waking the girls up very early to make me breakfast. Ben made me a white chocolate mocha and with the girls help he made eggs, bacon and toast. MMMMM!!! Then it was off to the first soccer game of the day!

Madison’s game was first and on the way there she told me that for my birthday she was going to score a goal. Madison is usually up and down the field scoring goals like crazy but this game was a little different and I could tell she was getting frustrated because she hadn’t scored yet. Two-thirds through the game she took herself out and Ben went to talk with her. I didn’t know what they were talking about but I knew she was very upset by the way Ben was holding her and the fact that she was crying. Next thing I know my sweet girl is back in the game, runs to the ball and scores a goal!!!! She was THRILLED and so were we! The talk Ben had with her was to never give up and when you want something you have to try your hardest.

Next was Kiersten’s game! She played an amazing game and played so very hard. She told me that for my birthday she was going to play her hardest and be a good team player. And that she was. I was so very proud.

After Kiersten’s game we headed to lunch with some dear friends and then attended a neighborhood Derby party.

As if my day wasn’t already amazing enough, we then went to dinner with some great friends. All I wanted for my birthday was surround myself with people I care about, laugh, share stories and build memories. We had a great dinner with Justin & Lisa, Will & Carrie, Shaun & Stephanie and Karen at my favorite place, Chipotle! After dinner Mark (Karen’s husband), Ben and I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I absolutely love those kind of movies and enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards, Ben and I were able to spend a nice quiet ride home to our beautiful children.

I truly had a great day and want to thank everyone who made it special.

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