Month in Review – Junio ’11

Ben —  July 20, 2011 — 10 Comments

So… yeah I’m almost like 3 weeks late on this (my last) “Month in Review” for June, but being since I was out of the country towards the end of the month, I think that’s a pretty good excuse.


So how exactly did June go over here at Ben Sayin’? To be blunt, it was boomtastic.

In June I saw the most traffic here, and I know that has a lot to do with the influx of “friends” I made in the Southern Hemisphere, along with all of our GlobalX team’s families who wanted updates on our trip. I really don’t mind even though some of them will move on, I know at least a few will stick around. I just hope I can just keep writing and engaging to keep people wanting to come back. I also interviewed a pretty awesome little lady, so that kind of stuff always brings more traffic as well.

In the beginning of me being more intentional for this blog, this “review” will be my last. I made a goal to do these “reviews” for the first 6 months, and then evaluate where I should take this blog next.

In these 6 months here’s what I hoped:

To have at least 50 feedburner subscribers. (100 for the year)

I have 51 = Winner.  Why is this important? It’s not, but it definitely feeds my self esteem gives me motivation to write more.

To be more intentional about photography

This was a semi-fail, because you see up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t taken a photo with my DSLR more than once a month. The process of taking the photos is absolutely a thrill, but managing them and post-processing = torture.

To post 3 x a week.

We’re in week 29, and this marks my 95th post. That means that I’ve posted 3.2758 times a week this year, and I hope to somewhat keep it up.

To make a little bit of cash

Although I’ve made several sales with my affiliate link, I’m ok NOT making money through this blog, as I’ve found it starts making me lose my “focus” and I start treating this like a job.

To have an outlet for creativity.

Win. Not only do I get to express myself through writing, but through photography and geekiness of coding this dang thing. For example, you probably didn’t know I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to manipulate the code in this gallery, did you? What would probably take my blogging buddies minutes, I pretty much learned and coded from the beginning. I’m kind of proud.

 To Engage

With over 2,000 comments since January, with comments from all over the world. I think this has been a success.

So Now What?

Well, I’m going to keep making sure that the focus of what I’m writing, what I’m doing, and who I’m conversing with is all about Him. I’m also going to be a little more intentional on my photography, maybe even get into some HDR stuff. I’ve also started really liking where Google+ has been going (I have invites to give!), so if I can find a way to get their photo + photo-comments embedded over here, that’ll be money.

One thing I ask of you, is Kim and I are still considering Adoption, but we’re unsure as to where God’s leading us next. Prayer would definitely be appreciated in this regard.

I appreciate these last 6 months engaging with y’all, and I hope the next 6 are just as awesome.

10 responses to Month in Review – Junio ’11

  1. Awesome man. Keep at it.

  2. Congrats on the milestones! I’ve had to stop focusing on traffic or trying to make money for the same reasons. I’m enjoying the community and the opportunity for a “creative” outlet.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I like what you did there, Ben…. Junio ’11. Nice. 🙂

    I expect your Month in Review – July ’11 to be epic. You did get to have an amazing meetup after all. 🙂

  4. June cannot, will not be as awesome as July. Why? Well, your trip and our meetup (though we have no photos as evidence). 🙁

    Good to see you are meeting your goals.

    PS: You did get my email right?

  5. Wow, great month and a great 6 months! I’m looking forward to hearing what happens at the end of the year 😀

  6. Hey Ben, I will be praying for you both as you think about adoption. Have a good week!

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