Madison’s First Soccer Game

Kim —  September 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

Today was our youngest daughter Madison’s first soccer game of her life and I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard during a sporting event.
We arrived at the soccer field at 7:45am for team pictures followed by a 9:00am game. The Yellow Jackets, team of 5, warmed up for a little bit and then the ref said it was time to begin. The ref lined the children up on their appropriate sides, blew the whistle and told the opposite team to kick the ball. So they did and then everyone just stood there looking at the ball. It was HILARIOUS!! Madison and another teammate soon realized that they were supposed to get the ball and score so they headed down the field pushing each other the whole way and the Yellow Jackets scored their first goal of the game!!
The under 5 children on this team are amazing for their age. They all have great dribbling skills and managed to steal the ball a few times to keep their opponents from scoring.
Our own little Madi had three goals this game and came away very proud and felt like a big girl. She enjoys her new friends and looks forward to practice every Wednesday.

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