Location Is Everything

Ben —  February 6, 2012 — 4 Comments


You first...

Why do I write here?

Yet another question I ask myself quite often, mostly just to reaffirm one of the many reasons I’ve decided to put my thoughts here in this space.

Reason #247: I┬áput down my thoughts here is so that it will resonate with somebody. I would hope that it might be somebody who may not necessarily be a “believer” by the definition many Christ-followers place upon themselves. A person whose “faith” has yet to be found, or one whose faith has been shaken at its core. With the hope that this faith of your own will be found, if not yet again.

Then there is the reason to get that “instant feedback” whereas if I say something that may again “resonate” with somebody, but in a way that may not necessarily align with their theological beliefs or “faith”, we engage in a discussion which would in turn sharpen each other.

What, or how can this effective when it seems that the majority of people who read this do not exactly fit the description?

Take the above picture, here we see my 2 beautiful daughters and this huge lake preventing them from taking that step forward to the other side. I kind of see this blog the same way. I can write to my heart’s content, but then I feel there’s this huge lake I’m trying to get across to reach out to others, and have no clue how to get across…

Does it even matter?

Should it matter?

4 responses to Location Is Everything

  1. Robert Woodfill February 6, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    I didn’t know you did a blog! To quote an old jazz standard “how long has this been goin’ on?” And you have THREE children now! I must be falling down on my Ben news!

    As far as this blog entry goes, I am all for reading things that stimulate me to engage in meaningful discussion. This is the first one of yours I have read. There is something to be said for having the inspiration to write and then the courage to put it out there for public consumption. I think the only reason I haven’t gotten into blogging myself personally is that the things that I most passionately have feelings about – politics and religion – tend to be controversial despite my casual demeanor (perhaps more evident in person than in print) and my MOR perspective. Even when I do status updates on Facebook, I am conservative!

    I love the name “Ben Sayin'”! How clever!

    • LOL Welcome to my blog my old friend. I used to post a lot more, but I started slowing down toward the end of last year.

      Politics and religion, controversial? Nah…

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope to try to post more in the coming weeks.

  2. I think you’re heart is in the right place, Ben.

    If you’re writing for yourself, which is to say you’re writing with motivations that are true to who you are, then blogging is a journey. It might lead across the lake (which begs the question what is on the other side) or maybe you just float around and enjoy the cool breeze and relaxing view.

    Bottom line, have fun. If blogging isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong. (paraphrased from @Tentblogger)

    • Floating around is always great, but in this case I think the metaphorical “crossing to the other side” has to eventually happen.

      You know, a big part of the reason I’ve not posted as much the past few months is because it just wasn’t fun. I think that could be due to a few things, but the biggest part was probably me losing focus.

      John’s the blogging Yoda.

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