Guest post on Dad of Divas

Ben —  May 20, 2011

Almost a month ago I was asked by Chris to be highlighted at Dad of Divas. At the time I was a bit busy so I actually didn’t get around to responding for almost a week.

Here was the basis of the interview:

This being the year of the Dad Blogger (or so it has been touted) I am looking at dads who are both in and out of the limelight in some aspect of their lives and trying to share how they balance this with fatherhood.

This running interview has been going for almost a year now, with me being the 128th father. I’m so very grateful to be included with the likes of some of the guys who were on there, and also grateful for yet another opportunity for you all to learn more about why I do, what I do.

So head over there and leave a comment or 3.

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6 responses to Guest post on Dad of Divas

  1. I went. I read. I cried. (Okay, no, I didn’t cry. Well…much, anyways.)

    Ben, it is refreshing to see yet another aspect to the person our Father is shaping you into.

    Sonship is the genesis of fatherhood. You got it in spades, bro.

  2. Sweet. Headin’ over!

  3. Cool, on my way over 🙂

  4. Congrats Ben!
    I was a guest post too, but I didn’t plug it very well. Gonna have to do that next week.
    Can you say “blog post copout”? 🙂

    • Yes, I saw you on there. I wasn’t entirely sure when he was going to post it, so I was surprised when I found out via comment on the last post. lol