Leaving Hope.

Ben —  June 13, 2014

See you at work, honey


No Ragrets

Everyday I get to say these words, save for the days when we carpool, and everyday I am so very grateful to have this opportunity. According to several people who fall in the same category as the people who like to suck the joy out of your excitement when you announce an engagement or pregnancy, the 6 month mark is when you start regretting making the decision to work with your spouse.

I’m happy to say – regrets? I have not one.

6 months ago today I left a company just 3 weeks shy of hitting my 5 year mark. Also, the commute was great (6 miles), the pay was great, and the company was growing super fast (still is). Point is, I loved the company. I loved going to, and working with the people there so to leave all of this comfort for something new, there was definitely some risk involved. But when the tension to go in the direction you’ve been trying to avoid for over 10 years overwhelmed my body, my senses, and caused me unrest and a ‘good’ anxiety, I just had to take advantage of the opportunity. Whether you choose to believe it or not, it was as if God was saying “yo, I can’t make this any more obvious.”

I realize to be in a situation like this is uncommon, so every day when I go to work and look around, I am so very grateful I took this risk and joined this incredible, family ministry focused company.

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