Kim Possible

Ben —  May 2, 2011 — 25 Comments

What is this?

So my lovely bride turns 30 today.


As some of you may know (those who are close), Kim HATES surprises. More-so, she hates clowns, and there may, or may not be a video of Lanny Donoho dressed up in a clown suit hiding on a bathtub inside the bathroom scaring the bajeezus out of her. Β Said video may present itself sometime soon.

Needless to say, Kim’s done everything possible to avoid any and all surprises, which have made it IMpossible to ever plan anything for her as a surprise.


Well, I think I may have just been able to do just that. We’ll see though, I know posting this and tweeting out certain things are definitely raising her suspicion, but it’s for fun πŸ™‚

In the mean-time, to feed her thirst for being a super-sleuthΒ I decided to post a little shot of something involved in her birthday gift.

Can you guess what it might be?

(those who know, don’t blurt it out. That’s lame.)

25 responses to Kim Possible

  1. Looks like it might be a pool float to me.

    I love that despite her aversion to surprises, you’re giving her one, anyway. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t really like surprises in theory, but the few times I’ve been surprised, I loved it.

    • The way in which I “surprised” her helped ease the anxiety, she ended up loving it.

      A pool float? Way too big, it…I mean they’re smaller. Much smaller.

  2. Dude, an inflatable double rainbow? That is wild…!

  3. An inflatable device that you can walk across the ocean in! πŸ™‚

    • Soooo close, you almost got it except it’s not inflatable, and it’s not singular, and they don’t go in the ocean.

  4. I won’t blurt out what I think it is. I think I’ll amble on over and wish her a Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚

    • Feel free to blurt out what “they” are, I’ll be posting it later today and I’m interested in what people thought these were.

  5. That’s easy. A multi colored Nuva ring. We get it. No more babies. Very creative Ben. I like your style.

  6. I think it is an inflatable ocean device that will carry me to a double rainbow!! It also has jelly beans and a ‘drink’ holder or five.

  7. Ok – this so looks like something Madi would wear in her hair! I hope Kim is up for the challenge. Love it and have a bundle of fun!

  8. This looks like bendy straws – have fun!

  9. the largest lollipop ever! except it’s plastic…which is just going to piss her off.

  10. looks like some funky fun colorful bracelets!

  11. Jelly, rainbow-colored, Hula-Hoops…that Kim needs to “Hula” using her entire body (hips, arms, legs, neck), while watching a video about clowns?

    I LOVE YOU KIMBO! Be safe! ;p

  12. A multi-colored floaty? Happy birthday to Kim! Welcome to the year of the priesthood!

  13. so when will we find out?

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