To My Newest BFFL

Ben —  December 29, 2011 — 3 Comments

Jack and his sisters


You’re 3. Holy moly.

This year’s been epic for our family hasn’t it? Probably one of the best years as a family for us for sure, with hopefully more years like this to come. Looking back at 2011, I think about some of the awesome things you’ve done, and probably many “firsts” as well. I’m not talking things like your first time walking or your first word, but even more specific things.

Let’s look back at a few of your “firsts” as a 2 year old:


First time peeing in a cup

Being creatures of habit, and thinking back at how important “routine” is at a younger age, you sure learn quick. I remember getting the call from your mother on this one, boy did we have a great laugh… and by “we” I mean “I.”

First time transforming

This is probably a parenting choice I might later regret, but allowing you to watch all of the Transformer movies in a marathon sparked a new type of creativity in you that entertain your mom and I to no end. Seeing you stand on the coffee table, and yell “Mom Dad, look I’m bumblebee!” and then jump on the couch and curl up in a ball so as to “transform” was probably the best imitation of a Transformer I’ve ever seen.

First fort

Hard to believe we got our entire family in this thing.

Yes, we fit all 5 of us in here

First time you shoved something up your nose



First day we had Olive

Which is also the first time she slept on your lap.

First time you completed a puzzle with your cousin

When the daycare told us you loved puzzles, this was just amazing. The fact you can sit still for as long as it takes to complete a puzzle is unlike most little boys your age.

Puzzle time with Cuz

 Other Special “Firsts”

First time you said Football

For most fathers, this day is very special when it comes to anything sports related. Combine that with the fact that your first time saying “football” was actually not by itself, but you saying “football niners” is just all kinds of awesome!

First time you counted to 10

This blew your mom and I away, you counted to 10 while point to your cars… but not only did you count to 10 but you counted En español! What are you, part Diego?

First time you said “You my best friend daddy”

You don’t know how much this actually means to me. Given the relationship I have with your Pops, this is something I’ve prayed that you and I can share too.

 First time you said “I love you”

Every night, I come in your room and kiss you on the cheek. I tell you I love you. That night, when you responded with “I love you daddy” with no instruction from anybody, just a natural response from you gave us a look into such an awesome little boy you’re becoming.

Buddy, your big heart has revealed itself this year in ways that make your Mom and I so proud. Along with that you’re also breaking mine… but in a good way. God has special plans for you my boy, and I can’t wait to see what 2012 – your 3rd year of life – holds for you, and for us.

Best Friends for Life

I Love you, my Jackie.

– Dad

3 responses to To My Newest BFFL

  1. WOW! Great post! and awesome insights from a father who will give so much more than he will ever know. Love it. Happy birthday, Jack Diego…oops….Jackson Kamuela!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jack – you are a loved kiddo!

  3. Happy Birthday Jackson! I hope your dad makes you some killer burgers and fly you around your zip code while yelling, Behold SuperJack!

    Angelica and Gabriel wish him lots of love and joy on his birthday… though late. :/

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