Family Night 8 – Hiking Amicalola

Ben —  March 21, 2011 — 32 Comments

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Jim, Cheryl and Corey for hanging out, as well as a big thank you to Mark and Karen for letting us steal their kids for the weekend.

Friday night was simple, we ordered pizzas and then went geocaching. Jim, Cheryl and Corey had never gone, so it was only appropriate that the 2 caches we hunted were found by them.

After Geocaching, we just hung out at Ocee Park and had fun having a softball throwing distance contest, as well as tossing the ‘ole pigsk…I mean nerf football around. We were going to head to Menchie’s later on, but it got too late so we just went home and called it a night.

Our 3 family night mashup was a success, it was awesome. Only to be outdone by the following day.

Saturday morning didn’t turn out so great, as I mentioned and confessed I can sometimes be a Diva (or Divo?). Thank goodness the rest of the day got flipped upside down. As Kim and I were driving home, and after getting out of my crankfunk, I panicked and thought “Oh man, we have 5 kids and we can NOT stay inside for the rest of the day!”


Lo and behold, we get a call from Cheryl and since Kim and I love spontaneous, we agreed to make the hour drive up to Amicalola Falls with them and their dog Max. It was amazing, and we all got a good workout hiking from the base to the top.

A great hike, with some awesome friends and family and we finished the day eating some greasy goodness at the Dawsonville Pool Room. By the time we made it home the kids were asleep. Success.

How was your weekend, did you do anything amazing?
Do you have a family night?

Here are some shots of the day, mostly taken by Kissy.

32 responses to Family Night 8 – Hiking Amicalola

  1. It was soooo much fun! Having friends who are spontaneous is a GOLD MINE! Love it! Thanks for an awesome two days… next stop… our CABIN! I see a bonfire in our near future…

  2. Great pics—looks like a lot of fun. Thankful for the warmer weather we are having in Knoxville. Looking forward to more outdoor adventures.

  3. Dude, love the photos and sounds like y’all had a blast. I haven’t been geocaching yet, but it seems like a lot of fun.

    One of the things I really dig about your Family Night’s is that you open it to others. Granted there are times when we need to focus on the people who live under our roof, but the way you open the door to include others in the fun is inspiring. Keep it up.

    You’re a good man, Ben.

    • Inviting people into our lives is kind of a passion that lives inside each of us (in my fam), so this really provides a great excuse.

  4. Awesome pics amigo. Thanks for not letting the bears eat our children…

  5. Man, that sounds like lots of fun. Super cool.

    I had a great weekend. My wife and daughter went to camp (girlscouts) and I hung out with my 4 year old boy. We had lots of fun. He’s a great kid. He just never lets me be Optimus Prime. I always have to be Bumblebee. That kind of sucks, but that’s my lot when playing transformers. 🙂

    Fridays are usually our family nights. We order food, play board games or watch movies. Good fun!

  6. love the pics, Kiss is getting really good at them just like mom and pop. We took your nephews to the trains in Scottsdale and had a blast. They remind us so much of you and your brother when you were young, it was like going back in time.

  7. sooo much memories with the family and the pictures are absolutely fantastic. The childrens’ curiosity, moods, and obvious joy of being together….so precious. Reminds me of the days with you and your brother and sister….. Niice…

  8. Haven’t been to Amicalola in forever. Last weekend would have been perfect for it!

    We did pottery painting… went to the park… drove out to Brasleton to have dinner with friends… thats about it.

    Oh, and we’ve been up til like 2 am every night “nesting”.

  9. Great pics. Looks like a blast. Never got into geocaching. Looks like fun though. For me though outdoors=fun!

    We did get to go see a college baseball game, and went out riding bikes,and that is always a blast.

    • Geocaching is one for all ages, especially if you have an iPhone or Android, it’s so awesome.

      Riding bikes is cool too though…

  10. Your weekend was much more awesome than mine. I got sick on Friday and ended up in bed all weekend. I’m still not 100% but I’m getting there.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  11. Great photos, Ben! Geocaching is the bomb!

    We do have a family night – usually Friday. Last weekend was pretty mellow – but we’re headed to the coast this weekend. So excited!

  12. looks like a good weekend was had by all. Our Spring break plans fell through, so, we just hung around the house, but it’s nice to do nothing every once in awhile, too!

    • Spring break so early? Ours isn’t for another couple of weeks…

      Hanging around the house is great once in a while, a long while. I get antsy.

  13. Great photos! I am not spontaneous and wish I was. Glad to know you and your wife are alike in that.
    Sunday is our family day, after church we come home and hang out and pretty much anything goes.
    This week is spring break for our kids so they are just enjoying not having to go to school.

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