Ben —  March 5, 2015


Tuesday night Kim and I did an impromptu CFA shake date, brought our macs and hashed out some family items we needed to discuss. We also did a good bit of letter folding, addressing and stamping some envelopes for our support letters. This is something we had planned on doing back when we first talked about fundraising, but we procrastinated.

As of right now we are $2,250 away from our first (of 4) financial goal, and it’s hard to believe in only a few weeks we’ve raised as much as we have even though the physical support letters were just mailed out yesterday. We still have a ways to go but we both know it’s still VERY early.

We also know the fear of rejection seems a little more real if nothing is produced from these letters. This is probably one of, if not the main reason we have waited a few weeks to send them out. It seems like a lot of time has passed from when we first thought about adoption, to finally applying and then getting started with the fundraising. As eager as we are, for now we will probably rely heavily on faith for the timing of this first goal to be met as we take our next step in the adoption process. It’s going to be difficult at first, but as we get into our groove I’m sure God’s going to surprise us with something amazing. No, I KNOW he will. He always does.

In the meantime though, we must wait…

Wait, and push through the silence of the non-responses and stagnant progress. It is in these times we find comfort and support from our awesome circle of friends, and I can’t even begin to express our gratitude to those of you who have blessed us beyond our imagination in the different seasons of our lives. Because of you, and your love, we are who we’ve grown as a family to be. Thank you so, so much.