Mexico ~ Day 5

Ben —  June 13, 2013 — 2 Comments

I just wanted to mention the discussion we had with our small group last night. It was said that none of us had to speak the language, to show the workers at the work site, and the kids at VBS a glimpse of God’s love. What’s crazy is, neither did the Mexicans need to speak our language here. It was universal, and it was awesome.

I always find joy when others get to experience God working through them. To see them accepting that there is a greater power at work other than their own work, is satisfying in itself.

I pray that the changes that are happening to the members here, continue on when we leave Merida and go back to our daily lives.

Thank you God.



2 responses to Mexico ~ Day 5

  1. We’re praying for Kiersten.
    Looks like you all are doing amazing work!

    • Thanks Robin, thankfully it was only a 24 hour thing. She’s all good now. Y’all should be in El Salvador by now, hope things are going well!

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