Mexico ~ Day 4

Ben —  June 12, 2013 — 2 Comments

I can only imagine what we have to do today, because it honestly didn’t seem like we actually finished more than just filling the holes with cement. I’m sure we actually completed more projects, or are at least came close to completing them, it just didn’t feel that way.

If we are being honest though, the work is work. I don’t want to say I came down here for completely different reasons because that would not be accurate. I did come down to help build more of the school of Blas Pascal, but where I feel God really uses me the most is within the small group with whom He’s entrusted to me.

Our small group time the previous night was nothing deep or profound, it was just truth. We were all tired, and ready to go to bed, but the questions I sent the parent/student pair to go to bed with was hopefully something that would have helped heal some of the brokeness that may or may not be in the relationship.

When that kind of stuff happens, it’s just so incredibly awesome.



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  1. 10:20am. Those blindingly white arms!

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