Venezuela ~ Day 8

Ben —  July 2, 2011 — 8 Comments

These last 2 nights have been nothing short of amazing. I really can’t even begin to explain all that I’m thinking right now, because as soon as I go down one train of thought for an idea I could do for these boys…

…another idea comes, and then another. It’s a hopeless, never-ending cycle that I never want to miss. A process in which makes me unique, but sometimes tortured inside because I end up wanting to tackle everything at once, but I know I can’t. This process also makes it a bit more difficult to stay motivated when “things” don’t go the way I expected.

For example, with the request put through to have y’all write a letter of encouragement to these boys at Project Jonas, I really wanted to see their reaction when each boy received about 3 letters each from complete strangers who have dedicated a small amount of time to pray specifically for them. This “want” was a selfish one, a desire that only pleased me so I let it go because I know they will get there eventually, and that’s ok.

It’s OK because I know who ultimately has the plan, and that plan and the timing is always perfect.



8 responses to Venezuela ~ Day 8

  1. It may be years later when one of them who has held onto their letter will make contact with someone and share the story of their journey. God has already chosen to use them in a mighty way. You have been an instrument in their journey. Your dad and I are constantly amazed when we hear from young people 30 years after leaving them and they tell us how their journey went and how God has blessed and used them. We don’t aways hear from them but we just stay faithful to the task God has chosen for us. You were faithful to the task. You will be blessed

    • This right here – we may never see it this side of Heaven, but by God’s grace we’ll all meet some of these boys in the life to come and find out how God used our prayers and letters and your time to bring these kids into a life with God!

  2. Soooo true, Ben. Who knows the impact your “seed planting” is?

    1 Corinthians 3:4-6 – – – part of the process is to keep remembering who will get the Glory….or, as in your words(This “want” was a selfish one, a desire that only pleased me so I let it go because I know they will get there eventually, and that’s ok)

    The blessing may come later in your Spiritual Pilgrimage when God will reveal the results of your planting….that’s the joy….to please God…..and only God…..AWESOME…EPIC…ETERNAL!

  3. yonny martinez July 2, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Ben the time of GOD is perfec….you will do all that you think in your mind…and de boys apprecciate your work and blessins

  4. Awesome Ben. Thanks for keepin’ us posted with all these status updates. Glad that you had an amazing time.

  5. Ben, I am on the 2nd team and in charge of our blog. I was hoping I could get the pictures and bio of each child from you so as a group we can learn a little about them before we get there. I am getting very excited but the creepy crawly creatures have me a little freaked out. Thanks for all the information. Looks like once we get there we will not want to leave.

  6. Awesome and beautiful. The good of God is so real and amazing.

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