Venezuela ~ Day 4

Ben —  June 28, 2011 — 9 Comments


This is the first thought that came to mind the minute we got to the hotel and I checked my email. I thought this little experiment of mine might generate a little bit of interest, but I never thought I would have received as many responses as I did…

…and we want it to be 10 fold.

As big a response I got yesterday, I think each and every one of you who reads this blog could do so much more to get the word out to give these boys the encouragement they need. So I want to take 1 more day to gather more people to pray for these boys and send them notes of encouragement.

If you haven’t done so yet, click here and follow the directions. If you have already read that post, and know what’s going on, please send this link: Venezuela ~ Day 3 to everybody you know. Do it via email, “like” the post, share on facebook, +1 it, anything.

We want these boys to be showered with His love.

For those who have already committed, I’m gathering all of the information right now and I will be sending the emails out tonight. Stay tuned.



9 responses to Venezuela ~ Day 4

  1. hey chica….. I’m on the way to te mountains I want have service until the fourth so I’ll tlk to u then or u hit me up! I hope everything is goin great for you and prayin for you!! love you chic.

  2. Thanks, Ben. I’ve been praying for the young man…..don’t know who it is…God has already chosen him and laid the foundation…. Let him know, and let him be encouraged.

  3. Thanks Ben! I was going to spread the info to my small group tonight. I will still give them some info from your email, but if there is any chance you could send out my email early, that would help a lot to get them connected.

    If not, that’s okay! I’m sure many of them will want to be involved either way.

    Thanks, Ben!

  4. Chris/Casey Rohlen June 29, 2011 at 6:48 am

    My son Casey and I just returned from Jonas a few weeks ago. We have been praying for the boys and the poeple on your trip. Please reach out to Alexander and Ronny for us. Tell them we are proud of them and we are thinking and praying for them!
    Chris and Casey

  5. Ben, I havent get any email yet, i guess you are still working on it. Thanks!!!!

  6. Got it!!! thanks Ben.

  7. Great events. Thanks for sharing… I’m stuked here at this office and i great to read what’s happening at the farm.

  8. Please tell Aaron, Ronny, Santiago and the rest of the boys that I have been praying for them and thinking about them every day. I have been exchanging messages to Aaron through Italo but please tell Aaron that if his is feeling down or lonely to just touch the cross I gave him and remember the time we shared and know that I love him but more importantly that God loves him. That he is very important and special and I encourage him to follow Flor, Coralis and Yonny’s guidance which will help him grow and positively adjust his course at this point in his life. In closing, please let him know every time I touch my cross it makes me smile because I’m thinking of him. His Father and Friend in Christ- Ron

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