GlobalX ’09 Day 8 Farewell!

Ben —  June 6, 2009 — Leave a comment
Well, after watching Ben and Tyler go at it and throwing each others stuff out the window, I’m sad to say we’re all ready to go, and packed. We had a VERY early morning, and I think we all got a total of maybe 3.5 hours of sleep. Alls well though, we’ll definitely be sleeping on the plane ride home. Speaking of, this is what our morning looked like.

I know the image is dark, but forgive Ben because he took most of these pictures with his blackberry. (2mp camera, didn’t use the flash)
Here is the view of… I forget, but it’s pretty!
The flight to Houston went real quick, I think it’s because we were all so ready to see all of our families, and Ben’s parent’s as well.
An ill-advised stop and eat of “Papa Johns” personal pizza really hit the spot for most of us, some of us… not so much.

It was durn good though, after a week full of delicious tacos, it was still good to have some good ‘ole greasy pizza.
Now, for the flight home. Queretero, Mexico, we’re going to miss you. But now, it’s time to git on home!

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