GlobalX ’09 Day 3

Ben —  June 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

So because of an exhaustive day, I helped Ben with his blogging. As you can see I’m quite limited as far as being able to type, and for some reason the mousepad doesn’t track my finger too well. Oh well, such is the life of a monkey.

Today was rather eventful. I saw Ben excited about meeting “El Artista,” (you can read about it here) I have to admit, although I haven’t seen any monkeys (yet) in his paintings, they are pretty spectacular. Photographs don’t do him justice, but for you guys, I guess it will have to do. Let’s see, after editing the photos I took a look at my siblings, and I miss you guys so much. I wish Jack was slobbering all over my ear, I wish Madi was putting little skirts on me, and I wish Kiss was throwing me around. Soon guys, we’ll be home soon.

At the church, we did a lot of painting and cleaning. Ben spent most of his time up on the roof of the Ark sweeping, chiseling off some cement, and I think I even heard him say something about a Hornet’s nest!!! What happened next was typical Pyromaniac Ben. He took a stick, and a cloth, and doused it in gasoline.

Do I need to finish?

Well, I’ll just say he got the job done, only to be greeted shortly after by a scorpion! Ew! After unsuccessfully trying to make one of the other bugs fight with the scorpion, ben stepped on it. It was a small guy, about an inch long. His death was swift.

We had a wonderful lunch, did some more work, then went back to the hotel for some relaxation at the pool.

When we got back to the room, they left us some really good chocolate. mmmm.

Well that’s about it for Day 2. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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