globalX ’15: A Family Affair

Ben —  January 21, 2015

A couple of Sundays ago, Kim and I got to sit in a meeting for parents of Inside Out students who wish to travel abroad, and since this year Kiersten decided to apply for a trip to Haiti, we had to attend.

It. Was. Nerve-wracking!

A part of me just wants to crack the whip and completely forbid her from going, and a bigger part of me rejoices about the fact she did this on her own. Without her parents.


So not only are Kim and I heading to Costa Rica again, our oldest baby girl will be doing her own thing in Haiti. How crazy.

We’re all extremely excited as this will be such a great experience, but with three people in the family wanting to go on mission trips, this means triple the cost. So, we need support. Lots of it.

Here’s a basic snippet from both of the trips:

InsideOut trip to Haiti:

Through our partnership with The 410 Bridge, team members will have an opportunity to journey to a beautiful, rural Haitian community and join local youth discipleship leaders to help create a fun environment where children can learn biblical truths through a virtue-based Bible curriculum. Teams will conduct these environments in the local community schools.

Transit Service Line trip to Costa Rica:

Working with our partner church in Costa Rica, the team will engage in projects such as construction, painting, renovations, and organization. In addition, they will spend time connecting with the vulnerable families and children through games, arts, and relationship building. Spanish speakers are great assets, but English-speaking staff are available.

As always, we want to put together a support team who will be willing to pray for our teams, give towards the projects, or both. We also need prayer for wisdom as a family, and as we teach our daughter the value of seeking to meet a child’s needs in another culture

If you would like to consider supporting us financially, you can click “DONATE” on either of the links below:


Click to view Kiersten’s support page


Click for Ben and Kim’s support page


Thank you so much in advance for your continued prayers and financial support. We love you all, and can’t wait to continue to share on our journey.