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I used to hate gimmicks.

Especially the ones that profit off of the Gospel, or anything God related – WWJD and the like.

The fad(s) that would keep on producing, while the people would keep profiting.

All of it left a bitter taste in my mouth, until last year on our Venezuela trip.

I saw one of the boys from the Jonas Project explain to one of our team members who didn’t speak spanish, the meaning of the bracelet below.

He came | He died | He arose | He ascended | He’s coming back

Seeing this boy able to communicate what he learned was absolutely amazing, and it reminds me that we don’t have to make things complicated by being fluent in a foreign language for God to be able to work, we just need to know His language…

…and simply believe it.

What is your favorite religious “gimmick?”


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2 responses to gimmick.

  1. Nice, man. What I like about this post is seeing that even “gimmicky” things have value if they’re pointing the proper direction (i.e. does it point to Jesus and bring Him glory? Does it bring people closer to truth?).

    • Absolutely, but I think what sets them apart is the personal interaction when presenting them.

      For example, the $100 faux tip with a bible track on the back… that’s NOT a good presentation! The worst!

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