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Yes, that's a laundry basket.

Yesterday in the early AM we had “Snowmageddon ’11,” and it really was the most snow I’ve ever seen here since we’ve lived here in Georgia the past 4.5 years. So much that my company closed for the day. It’s amazing what 4-6″ of snow (maybe more?) does to the roads in Atlanta. More importantly what it does to our awesome driveway!

So what better way to introduce my new category than to take some shots of the snow!

Jackson watching his sisters

He's getting a bit cold, and looking at the garage thinking of going back inside.

When asked why she's eating it, she responds with "It's not Yellow!"

"Ok enough taking pictures of me!" *throws snowball*

Looking down the street from our house


Love these girls

View of the backyard

Kiersten walking down the road

Alone in the snow

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  1. Kids are adorable, and I’m jealous of the snow! It was 75* here yesterday.

  2. looks like so much fun, give those babies a hug from me!

  3. That laundry basket pic is awesome! It’s right up there with the ol’ trash can lid sled.

    And I am super-jealous of the snow as well. I grew up just south of Atlanta, and we only had a couple of nice snows during the 18+ years that I lived there – The Blizzard of ’93 (the Northeast is still laughing at us for calling it a blizzard), and one or two other years.

    Then this year, Atlanta gets Snowmageddon ’11, and the Charleston, SC, area where I live now gets… up to a 1/10″ of ice… in some areas… Boo…

    • My 10 year old daughter took the picture right before I bailed. The other shots she took showed me grimacing like a baby. Never to be seen. Ever.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll make sure my daughter knows you appreciate her photography skills!

  4. OHHHHH MAN!!! FO REALzzz!!
    kinda like that part in Narnia, where its all snow.

    • Ha! Thanks for the comment love, sucka. You know I was thinking we should put together a “history of Brown Brothers” document that we could refer to when recruiting. It would have things like “wear members only jackets” and “must carry a roll of pennies and/or the dealer coin in your pocket at all times” and things like that. Want to help with that?

  5. The Snopocalypse was crazy for sure. First time, ever, that my work closed its office doors for an entire day. Those pictures are great, and your kids are adorable!

    • Yeah it was crazy, our company was closed for the first time in 10 years, and yes my kids ARE adorable… not credit to me though 😉

      Thanks for stopping buy Dustin!

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