FIFA Family Night

Ben —  June 13, 2010 — 1 Comment

This past friday was my night for Family Night, and in honor of the World Cup, our dinner consisted of Soccer Balls, and Field Lines. I told the rest of the family that we’re going to have a late dinner, and that they needed to stretch to prepare for “Fifa Family night.”

So when I got home, we got right down to business. Here, you can see how each one of the girls (it was late, Jack had already gone to bed) in how they prepare with their “Game Faces.” (Click thumbnail) Kiss tends to be very serious, as she prepares / Madi is all smiles / and Kim is amazed at how skillfull these girls are at making soccerballs.

Their next project, was to make a “field” using spaghetti.

All in all it was good times, and VERY delicious!

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  1. Very good writing , keep going like this :).

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