Family Night 1

Ben —  December 18, 2010 — Leave a comment

Kiss - Victorious

Every friday night, our family rotates who gets to decide what we get to eat for dinner, and what activities are in store for the night. Last night was Kiersten’s night. We’ve been doing this for about a year (I think), and I’ve been tracking them here and there. I’ve decided to start numbering them from now on, just for an easier reference.As competitive as I am, I always find joy in seeing my kids win. Last night we had a blast doing a few challenges from Minute to Win it. Our biggest challenge was trying to keep Jack from sabotaging the contestants, but we still had a blast. We did Hangover, Ka-Broom, and Face the Cookie. Overall, Kiss came out the winner. After Minute to Win it, we cuddled up and watched Despicable Me. Good times.

Here are some shots of the night:

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