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Actions, words, in person or even on social media. We all have the opportunity to present ourselves however we want.

We can pretend.

We can pretend to be an awesome father who spends every spare minute with his son and daughters. We can pretend to be a scholar who has the answers to everything. We can pretend to be a badass who can beat up anybody who gets in his way, to protect his family. We can pretend to be a true romantic, as an example of what it means to be a husband, or we can pretend to be the perfect example of how a Christian should live their life.

At a certain age they are able to see the sincerity and struggle in everything. They see you stumble on 8th grade math problems, or they become victims of yelling at them for not folding their clothes or cleaning their room. They see you break promises when there was no business making them, and they see the free time spent not reading the bible or just having a bad attitude. They see mistakes made time and time again, even though the consequences of providing this example of a true hypocrite are not present.

They see you fakin’ / They see me fakin’.

This only lasts for so long, but then your kids get older.

With the #429tribe, and with my family I need to do a better job of allowing my kids and your kids see grace and love in action in more instances than me trying to fake it. This is what I need to strive for so if any sort of example of being a Christian is seen, it is this kind of Christian.

God, your works are so awesome and your grace knows no bounds. I ask for you to take this burden, and the thoughts of my faking, so that your true glory will show through my words, actions, and attitude in every aspect of my life.


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