Easter Sunday

Ben —  April 12, 2009 — Leave a comment

This was our Easter sunday, over at our next door neighbors house. It was surprising to see all of the kids gather up for this photo-op after they had just finished searching for all 3,456,302,321 goody-filled eggs the guys hid (while I was taking photos). Overall it was good times, as it always is when hanging out at the Borah’s. What you don’t see in the slide show, is most of the adults watching the Masters and sharing explosive diarrhea stories. I love parenthood.

Kim and I both miss everybody out west so much, and even though we absolutely love eating/drinking/laughing with our neigh… I mean good friends next door, nothing will top the BBQ’s, or multiple-birthday celebrations, or just plain doing “life” with our ‘blood’ relatives. I have to admit though, the Borah’s do have a way of making us feel VERY much like family, and although Kim and my “in the near future” plans are to move closer to church, we know that there was no mistake in God choosing our house and our neighbors. These are friends we’ll keep for a very, very long time.

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