Family Night 3 – Double Feature

Ben —  January 9, 2011 — 2 Comments

30 minutes

before getting off work, and thinking about what Kim might have planned for family night, I see this tweet:

Kimberly Nunes

@KimCheeYall:It has been a busy past month so I’m keeping family night simple: tacos, fire, hot cocoa, snuggles and a movie. I love this family.
This tweet had so much #win in it because of the lack of sleep our family has had, I think I seriously sighed out loud at my desk.
I get home and dinner was already waiting for me, and it rocked. Taco meat made with ground turkey, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, Srirachi hot sauce, and rice. ($10’ish?)
After dinner we went to Starbucks for some Hot Chocolate, White Chocolate, and a Chai Latte ($10) and when the guy handed me the cups through the window, I saw this:

Not very much "protection..."

I couldn’t help to think about my trip to the Airport before Phoenix, and how lucky I felt that I had a nice Dunkin Donuts cup…
Ok so after Starbucks we head over to the closest Red Box to rent a movie. Little did I know Kim had already reserved 2 movies online, so again that was a win ($2). She reserved these:

For the Kids

For the "older" kids

I’m not going to turn this into a movie review post at all, since I’m probably the easiest (worst?) critic, but we enjoyed both of these movies very much. Jack thought it’d be a great time about an hour into S A to play catch and ride his tricycle. I complied.

Total for Family Night: $22…ish.

What did y’all do for YOUR family night this week?

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  1. sounds like alot of fun, miss the family times with you guys!

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