Do You, Be You

Ben —  March 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

There is a disease that creeps.

An affliction determined to destroy.

Look to your left, there they are. This person, of which whom you know had you made one life decision differently could have been you.

Look to your right, and there they are again. A little bit shinier, and maybe even more lustrous. You notice the outcome of this persons life is similar to the first, in that it’s not yours.

Look straight ahead and you see an old flame. A long-lost love of yours that you think you regret letting go, in the arms of another and the damned thought that courses through your mind:

What if?

The disease creeps.

Had you made one life decision differently…

The spectrum of emotion sets in as you get depressed, bitter, and even a bit angry thinking about how your life could have been. You peer into these lives and think that if you had made one decision differently you could be in their shoes, and although the entire mural of the lives that are painted in your imagination seems alluring, it pales in comparison to your reality, and your loved ones suffer.

Your spouse
Your family
Your children
Your friends

All of these people suffer when you fantasize an un-reality.

There is a disease that creeps within all of us.
It’s an enemy of yours.
It’s an enemy of mine.
This covetous nature seeks to destroy that of which you hold dearest to your heart
that of which you love,
that of which is God-given, and
that of which is perfect.

Take the blindfolds off, and hold on tight. Be a good steward with what has been given to you.

Do You.
Be You.

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