Creating Memories

Ben —  March 30, 2011 — 6 Comments

Last week I was asked by KC over at Some Wise Guy to tell him a little bit about our family nights and do a guest post. KC is a pretty awesome dude who loves Jesus, Photography and Country music, and his site is “about the adventures of being a dad and the journey to becoming a leader with some cubicle dwelling tales and random guy stuff thrown in.”

Please go visit and learn more about how we do our Family nights. Oh yeah, leave a comment or 2, it will help boost my self esteem. 🙂

Here’s an exerpt:

Every Friday night, my family swaps turns for who gets to “host” a family night. We have 5 in our family, but since Jack is only 2 we take turns amongst the 4 of us. There are a few “guidelines” we try to adhere to, which may include:

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  1. Boosting your self-esteem at Some Wise Guy is what I live for.

    Heading over….

  2. On my way over to read!

  3. Movin’ on over….

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