Costa Maybe?

Ben —  November 12, 2015

“There just aren’t too many children within the age group you are looking, unless you consider a sibling group and even then you may get one in your preferred age group, but two that are older. Would you consider or be open to looking within a different country?”

This is part of the conversation we had with our social worker on Monday, and it’s no surprise this will be weighing heavily on our minds once we have completed the home study. This information didn’t really come to us as a surprise, but it gave us a more realistic look as to what the sibling group picture looked like. Instead of 2 children, most of the sibling groups consist of 3. The decision to switch countries won’t necessarily cause us to start from scratch but it will definitely set us back a little bit in our timeline, but the decision to add 3 children to our house is just out of our capacity.

I think.

Originally Kim and I had considered sibling groups, but in our minds we were thinking just 2. Now this might still be an option and I think we would still be open to it but I think this news is telling us we probably need to consider just adding one more to the family, and to consider other countries outside of Costa Rica. It’s weird to think how tied we are to one specific country because of different reasons, and it definitely caused us to check our hearts through this process, but It’s no doubt this decision will be a big decision. We both know and undestand in the end what really matters is providing a home to an orphaned child.

So for the next week or so as Kim and I start researching different countries. We’ll have plenty to research for sure, and although we’re uncertain as to where we’ll land we’re both pretty confident at what we desire for our family. We’re also going to lean into some of our friends who have adopted from different countries, as they might be able to provide some specific insight as to what to expect throughout the different processes. It will be interesting to see where and how God will lead our paths, it’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time.

It is a fine balance between the selflessness and boldness of adopting, along with being wise enough to know what potentially will effect our family dynamic the most. At what point is the risk too much for us to handle? This is definitely something we need to consider as well, but luckily we’ve built such a great circle and community of friends it makes it a little less difficult to think about knowing we are not doing this on our own.