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Memorable Quotes

Ben —  April 4, 2011 — 30 Comments

If you have been reading here for the past few months, you have probably already gathered that I share a pretty strong connection with my faith. You can read more about it on my about page.

This is not what this post is about.

This is about how much I love community, and more specifically how much I love this blogging community. I love new visitors and I love comments. I appreciate the views and readership from people of all different walks of life.

Whether you believe in God…

or not

Whether you consider yourself a Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, or anything…

or not

Bottom line: Everybody has a story to share, everybody has an opinion, and everybody reading this,

is Human.

Yesterday I thought I had a great idea while remembering some of my favorite quotes from movies, books, or speeches.

So I wrote them down.

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Singing Persona’s

Ben —  March 28, 2011 — 39 Comments

I love to sing. Psalm 100? Yes.

Alone in the car, or with 2,500 people in an auditorium. I love it. I’m not terrible, but I still shy away from singing in front of people. Not so much in my younger years, but now? Don’t ask. Please. Ok maybe during Karaoke.

This past Sunday? I was distracted while singing during the worship time in church. This is nothing new, nor is it a difficult task.

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Cranky Kryptonite

Ben —  March 19, 2011 — 35 Comments

I’m Batman.


I’m Superman.

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A Dirty Reminder

Ben —  March 16, 2011 — 48 Comments

Sometimes I am told to do something and I don’t need a reminder, like say for instance “please throw the diaper away after giving Jack a bath.”

When I forget, I get a nice little reminder before I go to bed. Continue Reading…

Where Am I?

Ben —  February 19, 2011 — 6 Comments

For those completely busy on the weekends, I thought I’d make this quick and fun, inspired by the post about celebrating diversity. Since I absolutely love food, and how you all engage in conversation on this blog, and on twitter, let’s play a little game.

It’s called the, “Where am I?” game. Yeah I know, I’m a natural game title comer upperer.  Continue Reading…