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Las fotos!

Ben —  July 17, 2011 — 8 Comments

2 weeks later…

…and I’ve finally gone through all of the photographs and picked the ones that:

  • Didn’t come out too blurry
  • Were appropriate
  • Were Kim approved (there may, or may not have been some incriminating dance moves on the Day 6 fiesta
  • Looked cool
  • Did not have me in it (‘cept a few)

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First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Jim, Cheryl and Corey for hanging out, as well as a big thank you to Mark and Karen for letting us steal their kids for the weekend.

Friday night was simple, we ordered pizzas and then went geocaching. Jim, Cheryl and Corey had never gone, so it was only appropriate that the 2 caches we hunted were found by them.

After Geocaching, we just hung out at Ocee Park and had fun having a softball throwing distance contest, as well as tossing the ‘ole pigsk…I mean nerf football around. We were going to head to Menchie’s later on, but it got too late so we just went home and called it a night.

Our 3 family night mashup was a success, it was awesome. Only to be outdone by the following day. Continue Reading…

Some Shots on Washington’s Birthday

Ben —  February 23, 2011 — 34 Comments

Kiss taking a break from the tire swing

This past Monday was George Washington’s birthday, or President’s day, a 3 day weekend for us all and we had nothing planned other than a few soccer games and our first meeting for our mission trip. We pretty much hung out at the house, and went to the park. So naturally, I whipped out the good ‘ole 20D and tortured my children with a 50mm lens in their face.

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Family Night 6 – Homemade Pizzas

Ben —  January 31, 2011 — 25 Comments

Stocked up, and ready to cook.

Friday night was my turn for Family Night.  I decided to invite the dudes over to make some homemade pizzas, and also watch The Karate Kid. The pizza’s were super easy, and we had a ton of fun. Bonding with my 6th grade small group is always a plus, especially when a retreat is about a month away and I’m still trying to get them to register.

Here are some shots from the night, and scroll to the bottom for the recipe.

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Ben —  January 11, 2011 — 11 Comments

Yes, that's a laundry basket.

Yesterday in the early AM we had “Snowmageddon ’11,” and it really was the most snow I’ve ever seen here since we’ve lived here in Georgia the past 4.5 years. So much that my company closed for the day. It’s amazing what 4-6″ of snow (maybe more?) does to the roads in Atlanta. More importantly what it does to our awesome driveway!

So what better way to introduce my new category than to take some shots of the snow! Continue Reading…