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Ben —  July 26, 2016 — 1 Comment

I’m about 3 days removed from my 8th trip with globalX, second trip with InsideOut and some of the 429tribe. We wrote sparingly but posted a ton of pictures over on the other blog. One of the guys in our group, and on the trip put an incredible highlight video I want to share.

With 59 total people on the trip, we had to split in half for the work days at the schools, then at night we had to break it up in smaller groups of 8 and 9 people. Each night we met in those small groups to debrief a little and then break up into pairs to share our stories. On the last night, I posed the question: Continue Reading…

Team Orange!

Ben —  February 9, 2016 — Leave a comment

This July, about 50’ish rising seniors plus 7 adult leaders will be heading off to Costa Rica for a short term mission trip, and I will once again be joining them. Last year Kim and I decided it would be best to pull out of the Costa Rica mission trip due to the uncertainty around our adoption process, but since we’re pretty sure we won’t be receiving a referral before the summer, I’ve decided to go with the rising senior group. Also, this year we were able to recruit 11 of the #429tribe members, making this our last summer together before they graduate *sigh* – So yeah, this is something of great significance.

Much like we did a few years ago, we’ve made things a little easier by splitting into small groups, and I think this idea is so great because it allows for such a huge trip with a lot of people become a little more intimate.


Meet Team Orange!

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globalX ’15: A Family Affair

Ben —  January 21, 2015

A couple of Sundays ago, Kim and I got to sit in a meeting for parents of Inside Out students who wish to travel abroad, and since this year Kiersten decided to apply for a trip to Haiti, we had to attend.

It. Was. Nerve-wracking!

A part of me just wants to crack the whip and completely forbid her from going, and a bigger part of me rejoices about the fact she did this on her own. Without her parents.


So not only are Kim and I heading to Costa Rica again, our oldest baby girl will be doing her own thing in Haiti. How crazy.

We’re all extremely excited as this will be such a great experience, but with three people in the family wanting to go on mission trips, this means triple the cost. So, we need support. Lots of it.

Here’s a basic snippet from both of the trips:

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Check out Costaricaio!

Ben —  July 28, 2014

Team Orange!

Hey friends, family and random people who came to this blog – thank you!

For the past several years I would give daily updates while I was on short term mission trips, but I decided this year to do things a little different. I won’t be blogging here, but I will be contributing a little bit of my efforts over at the students blog:

Go check it out!


globalX ’14: Costa Rica!

Ben —  February 27, 2014


This past Sunday Kim and I got to meet all 59 people who will be heading down to Costa Rica with us this summer.

Yup, you read that right. We’re heading off to Costa Rica with 41 students from Inside Out and 8 other leaders. The students include some of the #429tribe members as well as some high school students who are small group leaders that Kim coaches in Transit, so we’re extremely excited.

Here’s a basic snippet from globalX about our trip:

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