Busy busy

Ben —  October 15, 2008 — Leave a comment
October is here, and things are busier than ever at the hotel.
So busy, the time flies by so quick. I wake up, drive to work, do my devotion, and next thing I know I’m eating lunch, doing a report, and checking out. It makes me grateful in a way, because even though I’m not really doing what I want to be doing, at least I get to the “good part” of the day quicker, which is family time.

Now for a shout out to my favorite person a the hotel. She works in the housekeeping department, a voice as sweet as her name…her name is Lily. Thank you Lily for being there when I needed you most, thank you Lily for not laughing when others were laughing, and for just taking a task that I needed done, and completing it without complaining.

Thank you lily, for sewing the hole in my pants.

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