Family Night 7 – Burgers and Beignets

Ben —  March 7, 2011 — 31 Comments

If there’s one thing our family loves to do, it is to share family night with people, or better yet with another family. Friday night we spent together with our neighbors 2 doors down. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often, but maybe we can start a trend. Our neighbors are pretty awesome, just sayin’.

We originally planned to grab a tri-tip cut from Costco, but that proved to be too late as I generally like to marinate the steak overnight and we wouldn’t be able to make the trip to the store until Friday morning. So we decided on burgers.

Easy recipe for these guys:

For each adult, 1/3 lb beef. For each 1lb of beef add an egg, 1 (small) clove of garlic minced, and a half a piece of crumbled bread. Add salt, pepper to taste. I usually add pepperjack cheese, just cause it’s awesome.

Grill it, eat it. The end.

I’ve wanted to try this neat little trick to get a perfect shaped patty, but I just forgot. Next time I guess.

After burgers, we had some pretty amazing beignets made by Joanna, dusted by powdered sugar from Dee, followed by pressed coffee. All the while our kids were running around the house going crazy. Madi and Stella playing dress up, Jack and Simone throwing the ball and paper airplanes down the stairs, and Alyssa observing every minute of the crazy. Evidence of the crazy was captured by none other than our Kiss, as she took my camera and went snap-happy.

Joanna also showed us some pretty awesome artwork done with gel pens and paper,Here’s a sample of one of her pieces: (you can view the rest here)

Other than just hanging out with both families, we really didn’t plan anything…and it was great. Spending time in conversation with adults is one of our favorite things. Also knowing our kids had a blast just hanging out definitely allowed us to actually enjoy the night, and enjoy these:

31 responses to Family Night 7 – Burgers and Beignets

  1. I’m almost ashamed to say that I learned how to cook hamburgers about 2 weeks ago. I’m almost 29.

  2. Always looking for good burger recipes. Sounds tasty.

    Have you tried the prepackaged tri-tip at Costco before (I believe it’s under the Morton brand)? We love it.

    • Getting the tri-tip at costco is really our ONLY place we get it. I tried a butcher shop once and they made me buy it frozen, but the 2nd time I bought from them, it was FLANK. boooo.

  3. yummy – tri tip and sm style beans, gotta love ’em! I can almost hear the children playing. Keep making memories son!

    • Oh man, I can’t remember the last time we had the SM style beans, I have to look up the recipe… unless you got one you can email?

  4. Hmmm, burgers! Unlike you southern folks, we have to wait until good weather to get the outdoor grill going. Because, that’s the natural and best way to make a burger.

    *I’m looking at my bagel in disgust now. I want a burger!

  5. I am starving now…. Thanks Ben!

  6. Mmmm… A grill artist. Man after my own heart!
    Burgers look phenomenal.

  7. You are my new favorite person. I LOVE tri-tip (especially Costco’s) and beignets. I buy the mix from World Market, which is so simple. My kids love them! Sounds like a super fun night. 🙂

    • Another tritip lover! Awesome, how do you cook it? Oh, and thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • I like to coat it in a crust of kosher salt, pepper and maybe a little garlic powder. Then I grill it. So good! My pastor loves tritip and he has a dry rub he puts on it overnight. Then he grills it, slices it real thin and eats in on toasted bolios with melted butter. Yummy!! A trip to Costco may be in my future. 🙂

        • So close to how I prepare! Just substitute the salt with Soy sauce, and BAM!

          Oh man… now we have to grill again this weekend. HAVE to.

  8. Dude, you’re killing me right now. I’m starving!

    Your burgers sound dope! The way I make mine is to season them with Adobo and add some diced onions. It’s like a flavor carnival in your mouth!

  9. Ben, that’s so cool man. We’ve always had a tough time connecting with our neighbors, so that’s neat that you have that kind of relationship. And dude… you made my mouth water with those pics!!!

    • 4 years in the same neighborhood, and I NEVER felt like we connected with anybody as much as we have the past 9 months here in our new neighborhood. It’s pretty amazing, and they’re just one of a few families we’ve connected real well with.

  10. My kids think that McDonald’s has good hamburgers. I have failed as a parent.

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