And Now We Are Home

Ben —  January 5, 2011 — 3 Comments

After a full day of being “home,” and as our bodies are trying to adjust to the time change from AZ to GA, I stopped for a minute to think about some things I learned. These things, in no particular order are just a few things that I feel really taught me about Me, my Wife, our Marriage, our Children, and our Family.

Here is, The List of Learnt Things.

  1. I can eat too much Rito’s, I think. I just haven’t experienced it yet
  2. BoSa Donuts Rock, they’re like buttuh
  3. Heart Attack Grill, has butter shakes.
  4. I gained 15 lbs just writing those first 3 on the list, oh wait I just blew the list of learnt things. I guess I learned I suck at lists. There.
  5. Jack has now had both of his birthdays, in AZ. He was born in GA. Go figure. Crap, there goes the list again.
  6. I’m still allergic to dogs, although not as bad as I used to be.
  7. Having a car for a family of 5 is a must, next year we’re renting! (Although we appreciate you letting us borrow your Acura pops)
  8. Geocaching. I can’t say enough about it. It’s seriously the best invention ever.
  9. I am probably one of few, who actually looked forward to going back to work, and I’m not saying that just because my boss reads this. Seriously. Maybe.
  10. I love gifts from my brother, this year’s 2 jersey gift was “the beeeesssst” (in a Nacho Libre kind of way)
  11. It’s awesome how the tallest guy, and the smallest girl can create an awesome bond, even if they’re 3,000 or 30,000 miles away from each other.
  12. Kiersten really is smart, like really. I mean the girl blogs, reads a ton, and gets us 3 stars on Angry Birds.
  13. You really need to “submerse yourself in the environment” when watching a scary movie, otherwise it’s just bad comedy.
  14. Good friends are hard to find, best friends are impossible to lose.
  15. Nothing beats eating dinner around the table. No matter if it’s home cooked tamales, or Panda Express.
  16. Family drama sucks, but no family with no drama sucks more.
  17. I have a great appreciation for people in service, with families. I can’t even begin to say… nevermind, saying anything in a ‘list’ will do absolutely no justice.

Gotta stop now. I may or may not be getting a little verklempt.

3 responses to And Now We Are Home

  1. A few more for your list
    -A $37 adjustment to a ghetto sound system can ALMOST make it sound like you’re at AMC
    -VIRTUAL Geocaching is even cooler…how do you think the Tallest Guy found the Smallest Girl?
    -You earned the crown “Super Geek” by joining ‘the Cloud’
    -Your middle child can ride a bike with no training wheels, which means she’ll be driving your guys minivan by the age of 10.
    -“Aggravation” is actually a sign of affection 🙂

  2. The tallest guy found the smallest girl when the tallest guy married the smallest girls smallest auntie 😉

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