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Ben —  January 10, 2011 — 5 Comments

The other day I was at Kroger getting gas, just before heading to the first service at North Point when all of a sudden this big white Escalade comes and stops just outside of pumping distance from the gas pumps. This young guy gets out, staring straight at me and makes a b-line straight over.


Then I see he has a white pamphlet, and I realize since it is Sunday, he is probably promoting his church. I get ready to tell him how I’m a Christian, Jesus died for my sins, etc… He says Hi, I say hello, he says, “oh you don’t speak spanish?” I say “No.”

He says “Sorry,’ then walks away.

What just happened? Am I not worthy enough to receive his message?

I know I know, the church that he was probably promoting I’m guessing is Spanish speaking, but am I wrong to think he could have at least told me that and asked if I knew anybody?

I saw them drive off over to McDonalds probably to grab some breakfast or coffee or something, and that was that.

I really can’t describe the feeling, just one word.


Such a profound word “Almost,” that we all know, has had such an enormous impact on our lives, when that word is…absent. Here’s an idea when it could have been, if that word was present in my life:

Almost was born

Almost grew up as a Pastors kid

Almost had a first kiss

Almost graduated

Almost was rescued from drowning

Almost met the person of my dreams

Almost kissed

Almost made the choice to love the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, for the rest of my life and Almost got married.

We then Almost had a child, and Almost moved to Atlanta where we Almost went to a church where our children would be reminded of everything we have taught them about Jesus Almost dying on the cross where He Almost saved us from our sins.


I’m sure I could add all positive references to that word, but in this case it only brought up negatives. I’m also sure that I’ve been that “almost” to another person, in my every day dealings and conversations.

What have you done to not be an “almost” kind of person?

5 responses to Almost Present

  1. Power word Almost is.
    Great thoughts and connection.
    there are so many almost moments in my life. But honestly I am thankful for the times that I had to push through the almost into the absolutely.

    • I’m having a hard time replying to your comment without saying “absolutely,” but it is definitely warranted. My grandfather used to always answer us when we asked him “How are you?” with a “No regrets!” Here’s to a new season of saying more of these types of things 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Kyle!

  2. I love it… said it perfectly. Why not me? I’m sure I have missed opportunities as well. Time to watch for them.

  3. Strong post- love these thoughts. Believing in the ‘almost’ can be crippling at times. I’m grateful that we have a God who doesn’t do things half-way.

    With me, I’ve struggled with giving my ‘almost’ when letting people in to get to know the real Dustin. Lately I’ve had to be more intentional when it comes to opening up, sharing, and giving people the opportunity to know the real me (mistakes and all).

    • It’s awesome that you’re letting people in, you’ll realize who your “real” friends may be, because you’ve nothing to hide. Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you!

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