BenNHey, I’m Ben.

This is about understanding that my words do not have to be perfect, but I should and will write them.

What to Expect:

I hope to encourage you, make you laugh, inspire or even make you cry. These extensions of my thoughts will hopefully allow me to learn a little more about me, and maybe even about you, but most importantly, I hope we all learn about Him.

Some of the topics I love talking about are my family and our family nightsour adoption story, and doing life with some really cool dudes. I also like taking a picture or two, but if you want to see all the things you can always visit the archives.

I am married to my wife Kim, and have 4 beautiful children. All of whom teach me how imperfect I am every day but also show me glimpses of HIS unfailing and unconditional love.

This blog is about  what I’ve been trying to say, but have been either:
Too shy
Too proud
Too self conscious
Under confident
Over zealous
or just plain inexperienced in life.

I love Jesus Christ, and I love that he died for my sins. I am a believer of the new covenant, and that He died on the Cross and rose again 3 days later.

For more on why I blog, check out this post.

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