A word from Paul to Timmy

Ben —  July 3, 2014

(Original Post date: September 1st, 2010)

It’s been a couple of days, and I wanted to share something about this past weekend where Kim and I got the privilege to take some (28) 6th grade boys and girls to a retreat called Boot Camp. Throughout the weekend the words from Paul to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12 were stressed over and over again, and even now it is just beating constantly in my head, kind of like an air horn at 5:30am (not that I would know anything about that).

It makes me think about our worship time in the middle school environment Xtreme, as opposed to the regular adult service. Every Sunday I get the privilege to worship at the 9am service with the adults, and then at the 11am service with 6-8th graders. I like to think of the 9am service as a “warm-up” where we stand, and stretch our vocal chords. Then we head to the 11am service in The Attic. If you ever get a chance to observe how Xtreme does worship in the Attic, you will quickly understand how and why I have so much energy on Sundays. It is literally contagious.


Why though, can’t I have that same energy in the Adult service? Why is it that I feel if I were to raise my hands to God in worship, and sing loud that I would be the lone person standing, and that some of the other members of the church would just look at me like I was crazy?

I’m sure not everybody is like this, but I do know I’ve felt this same way at different churches. Do you ever get the feeling of being self-conscious about the people in your immediate surroundings?

Maybe those looks aren’t looks of “he’s crazy,” and maybe they want that same freedom of inhibition during worship. This Sunday, I’m going to try and break that fear, and just let my worship be for God and nobody else. The 6th graders can do it, in fact they’ve set the example. Care to join?

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  1. Tear it up! Love this post. Way to go Ben.