48 days; Knee Surgery(maybe)

Ben —  September 10, 2008 — Leave a comment

Ok I don’t need surgery, BUT if this pain continues my Ortho says that I should get it as a last resort… great.

so yeah, there’s what my knee looked like in the X-ray, screw and all. This isn’t actually my knee, but this is what I found that looked as close to my Xrays. I’ve been having pain in my right knee for the past few months, that has been bothersome at most. This past week it just became painful, so I decided to have it checked out just to make sure. WELL, it seems that the 2 year period of time in between both of my ACL’s being fixed (yes both knees), they went from a staple, to a screw. Two years later, the screws they use now dissolve, I should have waited. dangit! Anyways the pain is coming from the STAPLE protruding outside of the bone a little bit, and all I can do is stop kneeling, stop going up steep stairs (ladders) and stop doing anything that strains that knee. Well…we’ll see how long that lasts. The doc also gave me an anti inflammatory RX and some stretches to do.

48 Days News: Ok somebody asked me how I’m only on “Day 11/12” when I started this back on the 28th, of JULY. Technically I’m on Day 44, but remember I took about a 2 week break due to the 2 interview responses, when I should have kept going. Oh well, lesson learned. I’m pretty sure my goal of 48 days is going to come, and go and I’ll have but 3 interviews and no offers to show for it. It’s ok though, I’m going to persevere, and keep pursuing. I’ve sent out my first batch of Resume’s/Cover letters, and my phone calls will be made next Tuesday. We’ll see what happens. I’ll just be putting up “48 days” in the titles that have any news about my job hunt. I heard it takes approximately 4 months on average…yay.

Madison’s first soccer game OF HER LIFE is happening this Saturday, she’s so excited. I’ll have Kim take pictures and maybe Kiss will update the blog with an interesting story about the little boy who pics up the ball and runs to the goal and kicks it in… Haha

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