48 Days ~ Day 11 and 12

Ben —  September 5, 2008 — Leave a comment

I TRIED to send out my “intro” letters to some of the new companies that I researched the past couple of days. Basically all that they serve as is…an introduction, but anyways I had the letters ready to go in the mailbox. Flag was up, screaming “I have mail, come get it!!!” and what do you know, the mailman PASSES OUR FREAKIN MAILBOX! ASDFJAKSDFJASDKJ (frustration type). So the next day my ever so beautiful, pregnant wife took the mail to the post office to mail them out. Thank you honey 🙂

These next few days are really a waiting period, but I’ll definitely be researching more companies to send out introduction letters. Stay tuned for the outcome.

More important news, we went out to buy Jackson’s first Hawaiian shirt. YAY! The more we thought about it though, maybe it wasn’t a great idea to get him a short sleeve shirt, in the winter… The size is 0-3 months, and unless he doesn’t grow, he will only be able to wear it a couple of times in March because it’s so dang cold… LOL

Lastly, Madi started soccer and is LOVING IT. Just look at her get up to the right. She is so excited, so attentive, and SO FAST!!! It’s too funny, being on a “co-ed” team, there was one boy who would pick his ball up every 5 minutes, run over to the goal, place the ball on the ground then kick the ball in the goal, then as all goal-scorers do, he raises his hands up victoriously. All the while the coach is trying to…coach. Meanwhile Madi just watches, and giggles and the parents of said boy keep yelling at him in spanish to listen and follow the coach.

Is this what we get to look forward to? LOL oh man.

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