Venezuela and Adoption

Ben —  April 25, 2011 — 39 Comments

Going through security on our last trip

Check out Biz over there on the right. He’s all kinds of amazing.

This picture was taken 3 years ago at the ATL airport going through security. I’ve taken him on most of the mission trips, and occasionally he’ll fill in for me on a post or two. Now I won’t say that I came up with this idea of course, but I do try to add a little extra personality so as to make things a bit more interesting. The kids love it!

Now about our GlobalX trip, we’ve only had a few meetings so far but I can say with confidence that I am absolutely going to love doing this trip to Venezuela with the current group of folks that have signed up with me.

Something is to be said when a good leader spends time in prayer and allows God to pick and choose the mix of people in the group. So far, I’ve seen the following character traits within our group:

  • Organization
  • Humor
  • Humility
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility

That last trait is most certainly not the least, in fact it is probably the one trait we must all have when it comes to doing short-term mission trips because things change at the last minute. Hopefully with the rest of the traits, we can try to limit that to as little as possible (although I’m always up for adventure!)

As I had mentioned a while back, Kim and I need to raise a total of $5,800 to make this trip happen. So far we’re at $1,951 which is about $1,000 away from sending one person,  and our entire team has raised enough to send 8 people so far out of 17. If you’re reading this, and you really want an opportunity to give, go here for instructions. Thanks to you who have already contributed, you know who you are and you all rock.

Now, as far as our process in adoption goes. Kim and I have decided (for now) to wait until after we get back from Venezuela before we put in our formal application, but we’ll see. With God’s timing, and what He’s shown that has in store for us, you never know. I just know that it’s going to be awesome.


Speaking of awesome, many of you know that Kim’s taken a position with an awesome organization, but what you might not know is that Wednesday the 27th through the 29th they will be hosting the Orange Conference over at The Gwinnett Arena in Duluth, GA.

What’s that you say? You don’t live in GA and you can’t make a last-minute trip to check out these awesome speakers at the conference? Well, have no fear for they have a LIVE BROADCAST streaming over the intarwebbernets. YES!

Click Here for the Live Broadcast

I’ll be attending the first session Wednesday night, but the rest of the broadcasts I’ll be viewing from the comfort of my couch. Anyways, it’s going to be pretty awesome. Check it out.

Have you ever gone to the Orange Conference? What about Catalyst?

39 responses to Venezuela and Adoption

  1. Ben,

    Very exciting! I have heard of the Orange conference but have never been to one. I will have to look into the live broadcast. I have never been to a Catalyst event either. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A) awesome. excited to hear about this trip.
    B) what’s Catalyst? (i keed, i keed)

  3. Thanks for the link to the conference. I’ll be praying that you’re able to raise the funds so you can both go!

  4. Ben,

    My brother. Venezuela looks to be a worthwhile venture. Am also glad for the small update on your plans with adoption. I thought about it recently, and had wondered.

    Be ready for the 11th hour. Take that for what it is worth.

  5. Soooo much going on and sooo very blessed to see God leading and moving in your lives. Venezuela, Adoption, Orange, Catalyst, among a few of many more exciting things…..enjoy!!! Proud of you and Kim and what you’re doing….

  6. Sweet dude! Stoked about the trip for you guys.

    And as far as conferences go, haven’t been to any.

  7. Exciting stuff – thanks for the update. May have mentioned this before, but I’ve been to Venezuela twice on missions… beautiful country. We were in a college-mountain town of Merida.

    I have family and friends who have been to Orange… loved it. Never been to Catalyst…. maybe in Oct…. maybe….

  8. Hey Ben, Jamison did a report on Venezuela and OMG it looks just beautful. I’m not one for flying but I think I would have no problem going there.

  9. Thank you for sharing the journey with us. Congrats on assembling a solid team. Godspeed on the fund-raising.

  10. I’ve never heard of the Orange Conference but I’ve heard of Catalyst. I’ve never been though. Honestly, I haven’t been to many conferences recently. I did go to a few Promise Keepers conferences back in the day!

  11. First, how did that wicked monkey make it past security?

    Second: I’m happy about your trip. Bring back some Venezuelan coffee. 🙂

    Third: I’ve never been to Orange, but went last year to Catalyst. It was awesome! I can’t wait to go this year.

    • and forgot to mention the adoption. God is knitting a great story for you guys on that. You can bet on it. (not literally, I don’t encourage betting).

      • Absolutely, although we’re kind of itching to get our application in sooner, we’re really wanting to try and be patient with this. We’ll see…

    • He’s not wicked. Devious, maybe, but not wicked.

      I’m definitely going to bring back some coffee, I’ll see if I can get a bag or 2 past customs for you.

      Yes. Catalyst. Awesome.

  12. I have to agree with you, I think the team God has assembled for the trip to Venezuela is amazing. I look forward to being stretched. We have been watching and praying on the contributions.

    We are still praying for y’alls adoption process. God is going to do something amazing there.


  13. Never been to Orange or Catalyst. Oh, sad, sad, Keri. 🙁

    So excited to hear more about your adoption. A friend of mine just adopted a little girl from our community and anything and everything she shares about the story just brings tears to my eyes. A long time ago I heard someone say that adoption is how we can become most like Christ on this earth-to show someone else that we care, we choose them, we love them and bring them into our family-that is His love through us. Praying He continues to prepare your hearts and the heart of the child in need of your family! What a blessed child that will be!

  14. Exciting times brother. Excited for you and your family. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    I have never been to either, but would love to got to Catalyst East this year…

  15. So excited for Kim and her new job! I know she will be soooo blessed. As for you dear son, the week ahead will be full of wonder – kids and all.
    We are praying for your Venezuela trip – your Uncle Phil lived there for a while and loved it. I think he was in Caracus with the symphony.
    Keep believin’ – the money will come!

  16. This is way cool man! Excited to see how God provides…praying for this journey dude!

  17. Hi Friend- I don’t know if Andrew told you but I know somebody who used to work at Bethany doing adoption counseling and her and her husband went through the adoption process, got matched with a little girl, and then got pregnant, so their adoption plans are currently on hold. Didn’t know if you wanted to pick their brains a little bit, get the inside scoop.. just putting it out there. Hollaatme if you want more info.

    • Yes! He did tell me, but since it’s kind of a ways off we’ve just been taking it real slow in connecting with people, as they come along. We’ll definitely holla.

  18. Cool man! Exciting developments! Keep us posted 🙂

    The biggest conference I’ve ever been to was Story conference a few years ago. That was sweet.

  19. I’ve never gone to any of these types of conferences. I hope to change that one day. I also hope to learn all of the books of the Bible in reverse order–just for funsies.

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