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“Hey Buddy, how much do you love your mommy?”

Jack: *looks around*


As a parent of 3, I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what he meant by that, so I just let it sit. I smiled, gave him a hug, and told him “that’s awesome, 12 is good.” But what is 12 to a 4 year old on the Love scale?

Here are my guesses:

  1. He thought I asked “How many cookies do you want to eat right now?”
  2. He completely ignored my question, and counted the grey hairs on my head.
  3. He told me the number of times he just passed gas.
  4. Since 10 seems like the most logical top-end answer, and since 11 is only 1 more… double the 1 more and you get 12.
  5. Because 1 dozen eggs are needed for 6 packages of brownies, and that’s what he wants. That’s what I want.
  6. I thought I could make a list of 12 things, but now I’m getting distracted. Dang brownies.
  7. Oh look, it’s super cold outside and a fire in the fireplace sounds really great. With a cup of milk and a brownie.
  8. Remember glow in the dark stars you could place on your ceiling? I think there’s at least 12 here in Jacks room.
  9. At least I used 12 on that last one, ok let’s get back on track.
  10. That’s how high he counted to in his head until he panicked because of my awkward stare and felt I needed a number answer.
  11. Because 12 disciples. No other explanation needed but my quota for “need something Jesus on the blog” is filled.
  12. His love meter really registers at 11, but since his love for his mommy is bursting at the seams. 12.

I really don’t know the meaning behind his 12, but I think any of the above save for 6-10 could be true. Either way I love it, and I love him.


I love him 12.

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  1. love number 12….I vote for that

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