Farmtastic Friday

Kim —  September 5, 2008 — Leave a comment

This past holiday weekend Ben and I were looking for something new and exciting to do with the girls so we got in the car, turned on Bertha (GPS) and searched for parks in our area. One caught our attention that was about 5 miles away so we decided to give it a try.

We fell in love with the place as soon as we arrived. The farm portion was closed for the holiday but we were able to walk along the paths and over various bridges. A few of those times Ben and the girls hiked down to the river where Kiersten and Madison collected seashells and Ben was moving rocks trying to change the direction of the water flow. I wish I had my camera that day.

While we were there I saw a sign for an event every Friday called “Farmtastic Friday”. It looked very cool so I went home that night and quickly signed us up!! Madison had been looking forward to it all week!! When we first arrived she was given a pig necklace which would tell us what group we were in for the day. The first event was a tour of the farm which included the original house that had been there for over 150 years!! The house and 140+ acres were purchased for $450. Madison didn’t care too much for the historical tour and was only concerned about when we would pet the animals and eat. After the tour we went on a hayride around the farm which was very nice and cooling on a very very warm day. When the hayride ended we went to garden and the children were able to plant cabbage. Apparently cabbage grows really well in the winter so this was prime time to get them in the ground before the season starts to change. The farm employees plant several different crops during the year and donate all of the food to shelters. However some of the food doesn’t make it because local deer sneak onto the property and eat what they can. Little did I know that as I was taking pictures of Madison planting cabbage, I was standing on a red ant hill. I soon felt tons of tiny bites and felt the burning immediately. That was no fun. After planting her cabbage we went to the petting zoo!! This was Madison’s favorite part of the entire day!! She’s hoping to go back very soon.

We finished with the petting zoo, disinfected our hands thoroughly and headed to the pavilion for lunch!! The farm so graciously fed us hot dogs, chips, cookies and water. After almost 3 hours of walking around in the sun, Madison and I were both ready for a nap. I am so glad we found this place and I am even more excited about the other events they have going on throughout the year.

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